About the Author

I was a member of a religious cult, the Trinity Foundation, for seven years and worked for the Trinity Foundation publication, The Wittenberg Door, the “world’s only religious satire magazine,” from 1998-2000.

As a Christian who was raised in the mainstream Southern Baptist denomination, who has earned an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a master’s degree in Religious Education from one of the world’s foremost Protestant seminaries—Southwestern  Baptist Theological Seminary—and who has worked in the mental health field for twenty years, I should have been the last person to join a cult!

Since renouncing my membership in the Trinity Foundation in the fall of 2000,
I have been on a quest to understand the dynamics of my involvement in this spiritually abusive group. By reading numerous books on cults, interviewing former members, reviewing my personal journal entries and the e-mail exchanges my husband and I had during the first two years after we left the Trinity Foundation, I have obtained some insight into how individuals become involved in cults and what they need to do in order to transition out of a controlling, authoritarian organization.

I Can’t Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult was written for all the former members of this group and groups like it who have lost their way. I pray they will find hope and inspiration from my story, and learn that, even after being involved in an abusive religious cult, there is a way back to psychological health, freedom, happiness, and, ultimately, even a way back to God.

Wendy J. Duncan