Mercy Ministries

“Mercy Ministries is a faith-based program committed to helping young women from all walks of life deal with issues ranging from physical and sexual abuse to eating disorders and unplanned pregnancy. As well, Mercy Ministries assists women with substance abuse issues and eating disorders. By utilizing holistic methods and professional therapy in a safe and controlled setting, Mercy Ministries has proven effective at helping these women deal with their issues since 1983. Services are offered free of charge to young women 13-28 at four different locations in the United States.” (official website of Mercy Ministries)

 “In March 2008, a few former residents of Mercy Ministries Australia spoke out about their experiences and an article was published (followed by many more) exposing Mercy as “an abusive and cult-like organisation“.  An increasing number of former residents of Mercy Ministries of America continue to come forward with similar stories of spiritual abuse, medical neglect and overall negligence.  Even several years on, and having seen and experienced the dark side of this organisation, I continue to be shocked by what is still happening to countless vulnerable young women.  Perhaps there is still some gullible part of me that still believes the best.  However, I have come to believe that what happened in Australia was not simply a case of “one bad egg”, but rather, an apple that did not fall far from a very sick tree.”

The Dark Side of Mercy Ministries

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