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“The simple realization that you were in a cult is often a shock…Denial is common among former members who do not seek exit counseling or education about cults. Knowledge of cults gives you the language to explain to yourself what happened and a framework for understanding your involvement. Unless you accept the experience as a cultic one, you might not make time for education introspection, and insight, possibly prolonging the unwanted aftereffects of your involvement.”

Janja Lalich and Madeline Tobias, Take Back Your Life

Individual Counseling

Doug Duncan, MS, LPC is a professional counselor licensed in the state of Texas and practicing in the Dallas area.  His main focus in his counseling practice is on people who are attempting to recover from experiences with spiritually abusive cults, churches, and other organizations.  As a recovering former member of a pseudo-Christian group, Doug is sensitive to the particular concerns of people struggling to overcome the legacy of spiritual or cultic abuse. Also, along with his wife, Wendy, he facilitates a support group in Dallas for former members of cults and abusive groups.

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